Board Meeting Minutes-April 6,2015

                               SKAL INTERNATIONAL TOKYO


Professionnels du Tourisme


April Board Meeting was held on April 6 at Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

Attendants: Victor Osumi, David Spence, Martin Fluck,  Kavin Bloomer and Kayoko Inoue.


  1. Membership Matters

New Members: Mr. Fabein Clerc (Switzerland Tourism)

Mr. Terrie Lloyd (Japan Travel KK)

Resignation: Mr. Masato Ikeda (Hotel Okura)

Mr. Koichi Hama (Associate)

Transfer Out: Mr. Frederic Lucron (Osaka Hilton)


Membership Status: Active 60

Associate/Retired 10

Life 1

Total 71


  1. Future meeting venue: we have still two open spot to be discussed. Members who wants to offer the venue, please advise to the secretary.

3 .Donation for Vanuatu where Tropical Cyclone “Pam” hit badly. Board members agreed to donate 100,000 yen from the donation funds and some more donations will be collected at May meeting.



Kayoko Inoue, Secretary-Treasurer, SKAL International Tokyo

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