Board Meeting Minutes-January 13, 2015

                              SKAL INTERNATIONAL TOKYO


Professionnels du Tourisme

January Board Meeting was held on January 13 before Annual General Meeting at Imperial Hotel.

Attendants: Victor Osumi, David Spence, Martin Fluck, Frank Kagiyama, Kavin Bloomer, Mr. Masahiro Kuboshima(auditor) and Kayoko Inoue.


  1. Membership Matters

New Members: Mr. Rijkert Kettelhake (German National Tourist Board)

Resignation: Mr. Makoto Fujimoto (Associate)

Ms. Annette MacAndrew


Membership Status: Active 61

Associate/Retired 11

Life, Honorary 2

Total 74


2.32 Young SKAL members registered with Tokyo Club. The detail of their activity will be discussed and decided accordingly.


3 .AGM matters have been discussed at the Board meeting. The new board member candidates are as follows.

President for 2015/2016 Mr. David Spence

New Board member: Mr. Takeshi Oku

IPP and Sergeant-at-arms: Mr. Victor Osumi

Other board members will be the same as 2014.

(It was reported and approved at AGM.)


  1. 2015 National Congress will be held on March 1 in Osaka, at Osaka Hilton Hotel.

On Monday, March 2, the tour on Osaka Duck Tour will be implemented.

The detail of the meeting was emailed to Tokyo SKAL members.




Kayoko Inoue, Secretary-Treasurer, SKAL International Tokyo

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