Kayoko Inoue

Kayoko Inoue


Message from the President

Dear Skalleagues Tokyo,

As the president of SKAL International Tokyo, I would like to implement the following programs with you for the coming two years of my tenure.

Membership increase is the most important for us. Tourism industry has been facing the difficult situation for these years, especially with the outbound tourism from Japan. But at the same time, the inbound tourism to Japan shows the great increase and it will keep growing until 2020. SKAL members as the leaders of tourism industry of Japan have to think to make it more active both inbound and outbound.

SKAL Tokyo has the goal to make our members to be 100 for more than five years now.

We should reach this target soon as possible. I want to ask your cooperation to introduce new members from your colleagues and friends.

To increase the members, we have to make our club more attractive. It should be more active with the meetings, sister club relationship with other clubs, or even think about hosting Asian or World Congress to Tokyo.

Please join the monthly meeting and talk about your ideas. I will welcome any advice from you.

To Fellow SKÅLleagues everywhere:

Good Health
Long Life

Kayoko Inoue
President, SKÅL Tokyo
SKÅL 014