Hisaaki TAKEI

Hisaaki TAKEI


Message from the President

Dear Skalleagues,

Skal International Tokyo was founded in 1964 when Japan hosted the Tokyo Olympics. Japan has become globalized, and we too have worked to grow the tourism industry, working with industry leaders to deepen relationships with partners in tourism internationally.

Currently, we have sister club relationships with Skal clubs in Seoul (South Korea), Zagreb (Croatia), Taipei (Taiwan), and Honolulu (U.S.), and continue to deepen our mutual relationships with them.

We will continue to actively promote tourism as a club to represent tourism in Japan.

東京スコールクラブ(SKAL INTERNATIONALTOKYO)は、東京オリンピックの開催された1964年に設立されました。




武井 久昌 Hisaaki TAKEI

President, SKÅL Tokyo