Fabien Clerc

Fabien Clerc


Message from the President

Dear Skalleagues,

Since my first participation in SKAL Tokyo back in 2015, I feel highly fortunate to belonging to the SKAL family.

What an opportunity, privilege, and blessing it is for me. That concept of gratefulness, gratitude, and humility has played on me since the beginning as a member.

I would like to share with you my main objectives for the next 2-year tenure as President of SKAL Club Tokyo.

What makes the quality of the Club is the quality of our members. In the recent years, we have grown the Club membership substantially. We have got the pleasure to welcome a very diverse group of industry leaders with a high participation rate. We have also grown our women membership considerably.

I would like to continue developing our membership in these directions, qualitatively and quantitatively, and reach the 100 mark by the end of 2020. We got great opportunities at hands in the next few months, such as the Rugby World Cup in 2019 and the Olympic Games in 2020. We should seize this tourism and hospitality momentum.

Furthermore, I would like to enhance the quality of our monthly events by adding more content. With the help of our committed board, we will engage interesting speakers to bring you great insights. We will continue working with great venues in Tokyo and Yokohama, to offer you what Tokyo has best to offer in terms of hospitably.

Finally, I would like to not only maintain the ties we have created with other SKAL Clubs around the World, such as Hawaii and Taiwan recently, but also create new ties with other Clubs. That will allow new opportunities for you members. For this, I commit to doing my best to participate in the Asia Area SKAL meetings and World Congresses, to represent our Club internationally.

SKAL offers a great deal of value to you dear members. You can have an instant network. You can make an instant group of friends. You can make an instant group of business partners. And the beauty of SKAL is that every one of us elects to be here, elects to be a member, elects to participate, and elects to form a bond that is uniquely SKAL.

For that, I would like to sincerely thank you for your commitment to SKAL, to each other, to our new Secretary and to me during the next 2 years.

I look very much forward to serving as your President.


Fabien Clerc

President, SKÅL Tokyo